When I had the inspiration to create a new blog, I thought about what was most important to me in my own life.  My Spirituality, of course.  My health and the little ways I can work to improve my physical existence.  And my art, and using the beauty I see around me to inspire others and promote Peace and Harmony in this world that we all must share.

TRUTH – Is dedicated the to the spiritual quest for truth in one’s life.  Posts by myself and others on the spiritual path.  Book reviews.  Personal insights.  Really, anything that I have found to be “true” for me or things that I  think would be useful to others.

LOVE – One of the most loving things you can do for the world is to take care of yourself.  For only when you are healthy and vital can you be of service to others.   So this section is the practical side of the blog.  Sharing  every day advise, focusing more on the physical side of life.  Self Love.  Self Care.  Health advise.

PEACE – This is the visual page.  Video’s, images, quotes, all depicting natures grandeur and dedicated to Peace and a Peaceful way of existing in the world.

I do hope you find something useful here in your search for Truth, Love & Peace.


About Tracie Louise

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  2. Hi Tracie, I have found your site to be an amazing place and have appreciated it for what it has given me as an enjoyable, learning and heartfelt place. For that I would like to present you with the Versatile Bloggers Award. To accept this award please click on my link in this comment and go to the Awards post on the Home page. At the bottom of the post it will give you instructions on how to accept the award. I have checked to make sure you did not have instructions that you were no longer accepting awards but if I have missed this please accept my apologies. Otherwise thank you again for the sharing of your site, I follow it as I like and relate to the gift of your writing very much. Namaste

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I always appreciate the gesture when people nominate me for awards, but I don’t actively participate in them. But I love the thought. Thank you again. ♥

  3. My pleasure Tracie. It was my first so I was not sure of the etiquette. And I found the process to be a little distracting so I may not go further with them myself. But regardless, you are very deserving of any award for the beautiful writing and photography that you do. Let yourself not be distracted as I (and the rest of the world), would not delay you in the lovely works that you create. Looking forward to much more. Namaste

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